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MIKA is a space for mutual search of patient and researcher
Finds clinical testing for his disease
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Recruits the necessary number of patients to conduct a clinical trial
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If you are patient:
Data analysis
We analyze the data specified in your application and compare them with the register of open clinical trials across the Russian Federation
Request Information
Contact you and request of missing information if it is necessary
Communication with the researche
Establish connection with medical researcher and specify the possibility of your inclusion in clinical testing
Patient 's communication with the investigator
Communication of patient with researcher followed by discussion of medical treatment regarding to clinical study protocol
Regarding to individual request, we select potentially eligible patients with the necessary pathology for inclusion of your examination
If you are medical researcher:
Appropriate recruiting of patient
Cancer is an extensive and diverse class of disease. Due to the peculiarities of the mechanisms of carcinogenesis of malignant tumors and the multifaceted manifestations thereof, the treatment of this pathology is a great difficulty.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), malignant neoplasms cause one in six deaths in the world. It is necessary to notice the development of modern treatments is actively under way in all research centers of the world.

Daily, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registers new antitumor agents, the effectiveness of which is previously confirmed in multi-center clinical trials. Clinical tests carried out in the Russian Federation and approved by the Ministry of Health. Clinical trials allow patients to receive innovative treatment under careful supervision of doctors.

Treatment is voluntary and can be terminated at any time due to patient 's request. Patient organizations and associations of doctors support clinical research, as they provide a unique opportunity to receive modern treatment with medicinal drugs that have shown their effectiveness but have not been registered in the Russian Federation yet.

Note that, as a benefit of our service healthy volunteers have opportunity to select the most comfortable study with fast recruitment and high remuneration.

Answer a few questions in the questionnaire and MIKA will start selecting a suitable clinical trial for you.
For patients
One of the most serious reasons that inhibits clinical trials and the introduction of new drugs to the market is the difficulty of researchers in recruiting clinical study participants.

It is often a difficult task to recruit patients to the study. The MIKA platform solves this problem by aggregating patient questionnaires and comparing them to clinical trial eligibility criteria.

The database of up-to-date studies with an active set is updated based on website data.

As such, when we receive your request, we individually select the most suitable candidates to participate in the clinical study according to the requests (inclusion criteria, exceptions).

Establishing a link between the patient and medical researcher of the medication , we help to provide the patient with qualified and modern treatment in the best clinics in Russia, and the researcher gets the optimal model for analysis and evaluation of the drug's efficiency.
For medical researches
About Us
The MIKA platform was developed by specialists of the Department of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research FSBI «Petrov Research Institute of Oncology»
of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, under the leadership of Artem Nikolayevich Poltoratskii.

FSBI «Petrov Research Institute of Oncology» conducts more than 100 clinical studies of drugs of different phases. The clinical trials of antitumor drugs are initiated by foreign and Russian pharmaceutical companies which support the development of this sphere.

Getting a new modern antitumor drug is a chance to stop the development of the disease and improve the quality of life.

Apply and our specialists will find a suitable clinical study.

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